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Maintaining and renewing your Clearance Notice and Ochre Card

Once you are issued with a Clearance Notice and you hold an Ochre Card, you must advise SAFE NT of any ‘relevant change in circumstances’, including if you are charged with an offence that may disqualify you from holding a Clearance Notice. These include:

The Screening Authority may decide to impose conditions on your Working with Children Clearance Notice even if you are not charged with a disqualifying offence. This means you will still have a Working With Children Clearance Notice and Ochre Card but you may not be able to perform all tasks in relation to "child related" work.

Renewing your Clearance Notice and Ochre Card

Clearance Notices along with Ochre Cards are valid for two years, unless a relevant change in circumstances results in a Clearance Notice being revoked.
It is an offence to continue to undertake "child-related" work if you do not hold a valid Clearance Notice.