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Any person over the age of 15 years already working in, or who wants to work or volunteer in “child-related work”, must hold a Working with Children Clearance Notice. Any person whose employer or volunteer organisation requires them to work with children as part of their employment or volunteering role must hold a Clearance Notice. You will need to fill in an application form in order to attain your Working with Children Clearance Notice and be issued with an Ochre Card.


If you only work with children in a volunteer capacity then fill in the Volunteer application form. The fee for a Volunteer Application is $5.00.


If any of your work with children is related to your employment or business then you need to fill in an Employment Application. The fee for an employment application is $55.00.


If you have lodged a form already, and are concerned that you may not receive your Clearance before 1 July 2011, your employer has the ability to lodge an exemption request for you, to enable you to continue working in “child-related” employment.


As from 1 April 2011, your employer will need to complete an Exemption form to attach to your Working with Children Clearance (WWCC) Employee (e) or Volunteer (V) application form. This will allow adequate time for processing.

It will be illegal to work in “child-related” employment as from 1 July 2011.

If you have any questions concerning the progress of your application for Exemption, contact the Strategic Policy and Performance Branch, Office of Children and Families on 8999 2619 or email


Please note, the application for exemption is NOT processed at SAFE NT and all questions relating to the Exemption must be directed to the Office of Children and Families.