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Who does not need a Working with Children Clearance?

The Working with Children Clearance is designed for certain work situations. In some cases there will be people who do not require this check.

Exemption 1

A person who is less than 15 years of age or less is exempt from holding a Working with Children Clearance.

Exemption 2

A person who is a volunteer in children’s services, a school, club, association or movement with significant child membership and:

Exemption 3

A visitor to the NT who will be working as a volunteer for a total period of no more than 14 days per year.

Exemption 4

A person who works or volunteers for a children’s entertainment or party service that provides food, equipment or a venue, but has no contact with children.

Exemption 5

A person who provides babysitting or child-minding services, but not as part of a commercial enterprise.

Exemption 6

An emergency carer via a placement arrangement made under the Care and Protection of Children (Placement Arrangements) Regulations. In all cases these exemptions only apply if the person is not otherwise engaged in child-related employment.

Exemption 7

A person who provides accommodation for a child in their private residence for no more than 7 consecutive days.